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Meditation is an important aspect of Yoga practice 

I would like to share with you a basic begginners lesson in meditation and you can build on your meditational journey from here.

It is always best to begin with soothing music. When practicing Yoga or Asanas. Use a type of music that comforts your spirit. When you hear it you will know.

Ther are so many types of music available now. In stores or online. You may choose something simple like wind chimes, harps, or nature sounds. Whatever works for you.

Let us go step by step so that you can be on your way to inner reflection and self awareness.

These are some things you will need to begin:

1. Soothing music.

2. Candles are a usefull tool when beginning a meditation session.

3. You will need a quiet place to be alone without destractions.

4. You will need a throw or warm blanket. (cotton or natural fibers are best they tend to breath                  better)  

5. A matt or comfortable blanket to sit in the floor on.

*Now Lets Begin*

Below is a "Garden Meditation" 




Garden Meditation

First begin by setting yourself in a comfortable position on the floor. (folded knees, hands resting palms facing up works well)

Listen to the soothing sounds of the music.

Become aware of your own pulse and heart rate.

Be very mindful of your own breath, inhaling and exhaling deeply.(it is possible for one to lower ones heart rate, pulse, & blood pressure)

Begin by closing your eyes. Look within yourself. try to imagine your true image.

Not the one on the outside ,your inner self. Your true self. The one that is timeless, ageless and filled with light.

Imagine that you are in the center of a great garden. Filled with flowers and plants.

You are within the center of this square garden. in every corner is a beautiful and exotic flower.

Your true self is weightless. You float in a seated position, in the center of this wonderful garden.

You float over to the corner to your right and in front of you.

The image of your flower ,is your own. The blossom is big and beautiful. The fragrance is exceptional.

You must empty your mind completely of everything but this flower. Study it. Examine each fold and pedal. Take in the color and texture.

Once you have fully examined this flower go to the next one. Teach your mind to focus on this one individual task.

Give yourself perrmission to shut everything else out.

Start out going to one flower .Stay as long as you wish. Then go to the next.

This is your first, basic ,steps towards meditation. Our minds are not used to disipline or training. We must teach our minds to meditate. This is good ,and the mind will recognize this action as being good. Remove any impure or improper thoughts. Focus on something pure. Teach your mind stillness.

Light Meditation

Light Meditation is one of my very favorites




In this meditation, you get comfortable just as you did in the Garden Meditation. 

Lay flat on your back relaxed arms at your side, legs out-stretched and relaxed. Palms facing up towards the ceiling and completely relaxed on the floor at your sides.

Have subtle music playing if it helps you. A pillow under your head, or even blanket it=f your chilly. Whatever it takes for you to feel very cozy.

Now your going to begin by imagining theres a soft glowing ball of light forming in your 3rd eyes chakra, or the middle of your fore-head. You can imagine the light is what ever color feels most comforting for you. Is is Pink? Or maybe soft Blue? Perhaps it's Green? You choose. You know whatever color you randomly pick means something, you can go back later and look up just what your color symbolizes. Can't decide? That's the really fun part, spend some time, as much as you like changing the color of the soft glowing ball of light. Make it pulse, get brighter and brighter. Make it vibrate each time it changes color. Keep it one steady solid's your body, your meditation and this special ball of healing light is All yours and no one else's. 

Okay, so we have our ball of light, now were going to make it fill our head, glowing so brightly if we turned off all the lights it would be seen glowing right through our skin. Feel it's warmth filling our head. If you have chronic migraine or headache, maybe behind your right eye. Focus that healing light right there on the spot. Now were going to have our ball of light that now fills our head, branch off. A smaller piece of the light is going to branch off in a stream of light it's going to move down into our throat. This is a great place to focus if your throat chakra has been an issue for you. Often I see throat chakra issues, pain or feeling unheard when a woman or man has been the victim of sexual assault or other violent crime, or the child witness of a crime at an early age. The Throat chakra will be affected, leaving you feeling that you don't have a voice, or your unable somehow to speak your pain so you hold it in.

Fill your throat with the warmth of this light.

This light is remaining in your head, it has branched down into your throat and travels to your collar bone. This is where your healing light branches off again into two parts. One goes into your left shoulder, the other goes into your right shoulder. Sending warm healing light that fills your shoulders. Any old injuries, strains or dis-locations are filled with this wonderful healing light.

From your shoulders the light continues leaving trails of beaming light behind as it moves towards your upper arms, then your elbows, stopping to fill each joint with healing powerful bright warm light.

Down into your wrists, your hands and into each finger all the way to the tip. Leave the light on and glowing everywhere it's been. Go back to your shoulders and move the light into your heart. Fill your big beautiful heart with life giving glowing energy and warmth.

Allow yourself to feel your heart beat, your breath, each beat fills you up more and more with light. Now your light will continue to brach off and move down into your stomach, filling your abdomen, and Solar Plexus with light. Down into you your hips and Root Chakra. If you have hip pain allow the light to engulf your hips and hip bones with healing warmth. From your hips slowly move your light down your legs, remember anywhere you have felt discomfort or pain your going to stop and hold that healing light there penetrating that area getting warmer and warmer. 

Down into your knees. Focus on knee or joint pain. Down into your shins, then to your ankles, then down into your feet, traveling all the to each toe. Then hold that feeling. As if your standing on the outside of yourself and you can see the light glowing pulsing and emanating from your body, glowing, healing warm light. Comforting you, surrounding you, holding you with healing power.

Now when you've spent as much time as you want in this position, your going to reverse the process. Starting with your feet, then ankles, then shins etc; All the way back to your head.

This is the "Light Meditation" the way I teach it. Each person is different in the way they experience and imagine it. There is NO wrong or right way to do this meditation. It's all up to you. Have fun with it, make it yours.

I love to hear how different people imagine this meditation so please shoot me an email an share. Let me know if you feel comfortable letting me post your experience or if you want me to post it anonymous.

Hands Heeling Soles Reflexology @2010 

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