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TN Reflexology Board Member Directory Page: 


Hello, I would like to share contact information with you.

The contact page is for contact info on how to reach me, set up appointments, ask questions or make payments. 

[email protected]

[email protected]


or 865-309-4477 

TN. State Reflexology License: # 00247






Other Fields of Study 

Budo-Ju-Justu/ Karate/ Kung-Fu Martial Arts

Certification #'s:  

1st Degree Self-Defense Instructor # 01998

2nd Degree Self-Defense Instructor # 01999 

1st Black Belt Certification #: 01200


2nd Black Belt Certification # 01253

2 Blue Stripes 

3rd Black Belt Certification # 01268

3Blue Stripes 

4th Black Belt Certification # 01272 

4Blue Stripes  


Trained in the following some to proficiency

Close Quarter Combat

Hand to Hand Combat

Street Fighting Techniques

Conflict Resolution

Gun/weapon Retention & Disarming

Weaponry Includes but not limited to: 

Staff, Tonfa, Short Staff, Bow Staff, Nun-chakah, Chi-Nah

Styles Studied 10 yrs or More: 

Traditional Tai-Chi

Shunati, Budo-ju-jutsu, Nin-jutsu

Shadow Walking, Principles of Shadow Walking 

2 Times Certified in Ha-tha Yoga

Bakti Yoga







EAGALA and Equine Assisted Therapy website:

Annabel Agee Phd, Co-facilitator EAGALA model Equine Assisted Therapy/ Equine Assisted Learning

Annabel Agee Psychology Today: 

website: http://[email protected] 




Many Thanks & Blessings,

Melissa Blaque

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