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By Melissa Blaque

Melissa Blaque, RCR, LRT, ES, EAL, DVLA, CASA

"I feel I am on my journey to helping others. It is my purpose here on earth to take away pain of people in need. Giving relief and options to to those who are losing hope and are in physical or emotional pain." 

Melissa L. Blaque 

Melissa has been in private practice for several years as a Reflexologist. Melissa was certified through Health Flex School of Reflexology in 2000, with specialty certifications in: Ice / Cold Therapy and Heat / Hot stone Therapy. Melissa has found healing arts to be her path in life.

Melissa is part Native American and believes the gift of intuitive healing is a blessing from the Creator. Using 100% Therapeutic grade essential oils in her practice to intensify the healing properties of body work. Melissa is trained in continuing education under the expertise of Ku Tan. A reflexology master in Malaysia, who wrote a book called, 'Chinese Medicine.' Melissa was taught, Headache and migraine release. Shoulder and neck release, lymphatic release, sciatic release, and many other profoundly effective techniques over the past 17 years working with some of the best body work specialists. Melissa trained as an apprentice in Hollywood FL working with 7 practitioners from around the World. 

Melissa is a bit of a "Jane of all trades" as she has many facets to her professional career. As a survivor Melissa became a domestic violence legal advocate and facilitator of domestic violence court ordered support groups for over 20 years ago, and holds two domestic violence legal certifications through the Tennessee Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. 

She is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Budo-Ju-Jutsu and has been training in the martial arts since 1997, utilizing her knowledge in martial arts to teach women who are high risk for domestic violence. She has taught sensitivity awareness to new cadets for the Knoxville Police Department, and worked as an advocate for The Family Justice Center and in shelter advocacy. Melissa has advocated in court as an expert witness for more than 2,500 women and children, in 5 states, also serving as the survivor speaker for the grand opening of the Justice Center and the 1 year anniversary. 

Melissa was certified in HATHA yoga in 1985 and 1987 in Jacksonville FL. and has taught yoga as part of a relaxation alternative through her certifications in cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy techniques to help those struggling with addiction and with mental health diagnosis, utilizing it as a powerful relaxation tool since 2003. 

Melissa is a member of EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) since 2003, and holds Phase I and Phase II trainer certificates, as an equine specialist and equine trainer she trains horses to become therapy horses or for private owners. Using natural horsemanship to train horses in a very humane way teaching horse body language to humans and human body language to horses. Melissa co-facilitates as an equine specialist using the EAGALA model. 

Melissa’s heritage is part Blackfoot Native American and this is the spirituality that drives her on her journey. She has been working with and around horses since she was a small child. “When I am utilizing E.A.L. it’s nothing short of magic, I feel an intuitive connection to horses that is difficult to express with mere words.”  Wonderful things happen when you combine therapy with horses. There is an empowerment and connectivity that one must experience to understand fully. Different and exciting every session. This is especially powerful when working with folks who have experienced trauma, who have PTSD, depression, eating disorders, phobias, etc; Melissa has done extensive work with victims, and Autistic adults and children and folks in treatment and dealing with various types of addictions. Focusing on the interaction between the horse and the person utilizing experiential ground work has been a life-changing experience. 

Melissa has worked with many clients assisting them with many options for pain management. 

"I feel I am on my journey to helping others. It is my purpose here on earth to take away pain of people in need. Giving relief and options to to those who are losing hope and are in physical or emotional pain." 

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