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AS THE OWNER OF Hands Heeling Soles, I would like to share with you the many years of training and licensing & certification I have been blessed to train for & with some of the most amazing people in the World.


*REFLEXOLOGY, Tn State Licensed and Registered, and Certified

*Reiki, Level I and Level II Tn Certified 

*TRIGGER POINT, Tn Licensed, Registered, and Certified

*ACUPRESSURE, (Eastern term for Reflexology) Tn Licensed, Registered and Certified 

*ICE THERAPY, Tn Certified and Registered

*HEAT THERAPY, Tn Certified and Registered



*YOGA, 2 times FL. Certified

*MARTIAL ARTS 4th Black, Budo-Ju-Jutsu, 2 times Certified, Women's Specialty Instructorship, Tn Certified

*Self-Defense Instructor Tn Certified

*MEDITATION, Guided Meditation as part of my Yoga Certification

*NATURAL HEALING & INTUITIVE, Reiki I & II, Equine Specialist & Intuitive Trainer. Honorary Certs as Natural Horsemanship Equine Specialist Trainer, teaching equine body language. Using natural horsemanship & intuitive training to desensitize horses & their humans for private use & training horses to become therapy horses.




I am Proud to be working with the wonderful and amazing folks at the Rhama Center of Healing Arts




Neck Pain





My name is Melissa Blaque and I welcome you warmly



NAMASTE' "The Spirit (Divine) in me, honors the spirit in you." 


It is incredibly important to me that no matter where I am or what I am doing I conduct myself with integrity,

and treat others with the utmost respect. I am empathetic to the needs of those I come in contact with.

Customer service is lacking in this country. I treat others with the care and respect in which I want to be treated.

It doesn't matter if I am having a bad day. I am in the business of being a caregiver to those who seek comfort.

This is not only a personal strength but professional as well.

Specializing in pain management.

I offer trigger point (similar to acupressure)

Raindrop therapy (essential oils dripped down the spine & worked into the spine & tissue)

I use warm herbal wraps & Hot Stone therapy,

Foot Reflexology (an ancient acupressure trigger point technique) that aids in healing, digestion, relaxation, stress,

pain & tension relief.

My credentials include: RCR(registered certified reflexologist) LRT(licensed reflex. therapist) ES(certified equine specialist) EAL(certified equine assisted learning) DVLA (certified domestic violence legal advocate) CASA(court appointed special advocate)

I am also half of a 2 person model for EAP(equine assisted psychotherapy) with Dr Annabel Agee PhD 



When did we stop caring for ourselves like were precious? Nurture should last a lifetime. 

Please allow me to answer some of your questions regarding Reflexology, it is the most asked question I get.

What is it? Followed by; How does it work? Because I have been immersed in the Reflexology, body work field for so many years,

I do not want to be one of the folks who speak in terms that are not understandable for people who do not understand the process.

One things for sure, once you experience it, you got it! It can for some be one of those things where allot of information just isn't necessary, you simply need it's healing power for relief. That's my favorite. Because I tend to explain also as I go through your session. It's actually allot of information to take in all at once. That's where this website will hopefully come in handy.

To say I love what I do is an understatement. I know the healing that can take place.

First I ask you come open. Open for healing, open for the possibility to be pain-free even if it's for a few hours or few days, and over time maybe weeks or months. It's important to note here I am in no way saying, "I plan to heal you!" Absolutely not. That's up to you. Did I just say, that's up to you? Yes that's exactly what I mean. How would you coming to me as a professional have anything to do with what your doing before you come to me? ..... EVERYTHING!!! Let me explain.

It's a well documented fact medically, and even in the complex world or Psychology, that if you are not in the right state of mind you will not be able to get well or find relief. Ever heard of Placibo?  Well if you come to me with the belief that you will not feel better, chances are you may not. Likewise, if you come open to possibilities of pain relief and reduction of stress and discomfort that's exactly what you'll find. Of course it doesn't hurt that I've had many years and many wonderful teachers to perfect my abilities, but it has allot to do with you. It's a two-way interaction. Which brings me to my next and possibly, one of my most important points. I talk about hydration allot on my Reflexology page so I'll refer you there. You will have far greater results if you are hydrated. So try if you can to drink lots of water before and after your session.

Please feel free to look around, sign in to my Guest Book, schedule an appointment or send me an email


What Can Reflexology or Trigger Point Offer?

You will find lots of Pictures and information that will hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding Reflexology and what you can expect from me when you schedule your 1st Reflexology session. Let me know if you have any additional questions. All is respected and appreciated! 

Reflexology For The Sole




A Few Things That Will Be Helpful



1. You'll want to hydrate as much as possible before and after coming to your session.

A.  It will help your most difficult areas release easier and helps speed up recovery time after

strains or injuries.



B.  Once you've had trigger point and body work, being hydrated helps toxins that become released

from having body work, to be flushed more easily out of your system via;  urine, voiding, sweat & lymph glands.

C.  Any soreness you've experienced will quickly be gone when properly hydrated. (scroll down) you'll find a useful formula for water consumption.



2. You'll need to wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing. You won't be asked to dis-robe during our session but you'll want

to be as comfortable as possible allowing for optimal blood flow through-out your body, this can't happen as beneficially as possible if your clothes are constrictive.

3. I have an area where you can place your jewelry if you'd like, but it might be more comfortable for you to leave it at home & then it won't be something that you'll worry about that will be distracting.

For your own relaxation and peace of mind it's best that you focus on relaxation and the release of tension and pain that we reflexologists strive for.

I want you relaxed and feeling great when you leave my office, you can't really accomplish that if your on your cell phone or focused on a conversation. I will not answer my cell phone or talk on my cell phone while I am taking care of you. Your peace of mind and well-being is my priority during our session. We can't achieve that if either of us are distracted. 



4. Please be on time. If you are going to be late it's very important that you give me a call. We can either re-schedule or if your not going to be too late keep the appointment. We won't be able to discuss that if you don't give me a call to let me know. If I am in a session when you call I will get your voicemail as soon as I am done.

5. If your going to miss an appointment: There are folks who schedule with me far in advance in order to insure their spot. If you miss an appointment and call ahead it is greatly appreciated, because I can then call someone who may be waiting to get seen or on a call list incase of cancelations. If you are unable to make your appointment, I am very easy to talk to, after 3 missed appointments I have to void any future appointments. As long as we communicate this will never be a problem.

My goal is to ease your pain, lighten your load and assist you in living a fuller more pain free lifestyle. I will facilitate that in anyway I can. Were helping each other.





Most people don't even know how much water to drink per day.

This is important because the old "8-12 oz of water per day" just isn't correct or logical.

Why? Because everyone is different. Because your body weight & height are different from mine.

Because you my take medications, or vitamins etc; that dehydrate your body quicker.


 The Water Intake Formula Is:

Take your current body weight divide it in half. The answer is converted to ounces.

Example: If I weight 223 lbs I will divide that amount right in half.

223 divided by 2 = 111.50

So I am going to need to drink 111 and 1/2 ounces of water in a 24 hour period.

This ensures since your body mass is roughly 70% water that you are replenishing adequately.  

If you have or get an average 20 oz bottle of water (the average kind you buy in any store) you'll need

to drink five and one half of those roughly per day. 5.5 or 5  1/2 -20 oz bottles of water a day.

When you consider that's within 24 hrs that isn't very much really.




The Chart Above May Look Complex But It Really Isn't



Just some useful inside information:  

This chart represents the basics in Reflexology and Trigger Point. Ancient China called Reflexology (English translation: "Acupressure"

Our Ancestors had an incredible grasp on Holistic Healing and anatomy. How did they possess this knowledge? And why did they seem so much more advanced and knowledgable than we are about herbs, alternative medicine and keen understanding of the body's functions?

The answer to these questions are simple. The had to. When a doctor was 100 miles away and your child was sick you better have the knowledge necessary to save their life, or to give birth at home, or to help an ailing family member. Or back then, someone could die, and many did. If they had this advanced knowledge and still got sick and died why is it any better now to be Holistic? Well the very word Holistic simply means to be whole. Or a well rounded means of health. For me this is a balance. A balance of modern medical care and knowledge COMBINED with a Holistic approach. What I mean by that is I believe in getting your children immunized if possible and armed with knowledge. I believe in anti-biotics when absolutely necessary. I believe in understand the workings of your body first. How can you expect someone to work on your car when they've never seen or worked on a Chevy? Your mechanic would hopefully need some training and information re: a Chevy right? Could you go into an operating room and remove your own spleen? Of course not. So if you don't have some basic knowledge of your own body and anatomy you shouldn't just on faith put that responsibility in someone else's hands without arming yourself with basic knowledge of what it entails. Our Ancestors understood that if you ate a certain root what it would do to your body. We are so much more technologically advanced than they are. How? We have the greatest tool of all at our fingertips; the internet. Research your anatomy. Understand how your body works. Acupressure is an ancient tool used to relieve pain and stimulate healing. Beyond that they studied how to make themselves well. How to feel better. That combined with herbs, hydration, nutrition, was a recipe for longer lives. One of the reasons they had a shorter life expectancy than ours now is several factors. 1. No immunization against deadly diseases. Once sick their bodies simply couldn't fight the illness. 2. poor living conditions. No fresh water or no way to keep food fresh. 3. Many miles from medical care if at all. 4. Extremely hard work and work conditions (too much stress on the body) There are other factors depending on your economic background but you get the jest of my point. We have the best of both worlds yet we do not take advantage of it. Most Americans either swing far left or far right in their approach to health and well being. I say you can have both. As a practitioner we tend to need body work just as much if not more than the person seeking our services because we are using our whole body to work out the pain and kinks in others. So I found as I have visited other Body Work practitioners that they also tend to swing radically in one direction or the other.

For Example: I went to one location nearby where when I went in there were people praying and speaking in tongues, needless to say it was very scary! Yikes! I don't need church with my aches and pains! Thanks but No thanks!

Another location I visited tried to sell me everything under the Sun! Vitamins, Special "Vita-water" nasal cleaning water pots, herbal teas and way too much more! Again, Yikes!

Yet another location tried to convince me that if I put my feet in a tub of water with a little metal plate in it that it was going to pull all the toxins from my body, claiming "heavy metals," fat cells, and even potentially lethal levels of Gunk was going to magically come out of the tiny pores in my feet! To the tune of 60.00 per soaking! FYI: Buyer Beware!!! It doesn't work! Are your pores going to mysteriously open up 10 times their normal size to let these objects out? Folks the water in these foot soak baths are from a very rusty "Ionized" plate that when turned on does react to the PH in your skin and will discolor the water your soaking in but if it were real wouldn't cancer sufferers be able to get rid of their cancer cells by simply sticking their feet in these foot soaks? It is fake & gives people false hope.

I am much more of a practical person. I do however believe in faith and healing. I don't believe in fairies, or the Easter Bunny, or magical tricks. I will not promote what hasn't worked for me. But I also will tell you everyone and their results are different. I will also tell you that when I injured my knee during a Martial Arts training I was seriously injured. I required 36 weeks of physical therapy, a $1,500.00 titanium knee brace and at my Dr.'s insistence a surgery to remove shredded and frayed cartilage from my under my knee cap. I began researching all my other options as that one didn't really appeal to me. A friend recommended reflexology which I had never heard of. When I had reflexology done the 1st time I didn't understand it all. The practitioner was knowledgable but spoke too fast and spoke to me as if I were supposed to know everything she was talking about and spouted one medical term after another. I was confused, but I tell you this... after 36 weeks of P.T. doctors care, heat ice, pain meds and lots of tears I had not been without pain in 6 months or more. One hour on that reflexology table and I walked out of that office a changed woman. I was pain free! I cried when I got in my car! I was pain free!!! Without meds, or surgery!! How? What happened? I was pain free for the next 2 days! I began to study reflexology. I went t school to become certified and get my license. I was officially hooked.

I tell you this story because I was once like you. Seeking a pain management option which did not include addiction, or invasive procedures, or radically changing my way of life. I am telling you there are options in everything. Everything! Educate yourself. Arm yourself. Empower yourself to take control. Don't simply take the word of someone who has a big shiny diploma on his or her wall. Find out all you can for YOU! If surgery seems like your best option I respect that. I can help you with your pain management during recovery. If your seeking alternatives, I can give you the knowledge on my end to help you with that as well.

Know that you have OPTIONS. I love that word. If you go into a business and their trying to sell you something that seems hoakie, it probably is. I will sell you relief. I will sell you trigger point, reflexology, pain and tension relief. I will sell you information. I won't sell you false hopes. I will be completely honest with you. I won't ever try to convince someone they need something that they don't need. Thats my Guarantee! Just me and you and the ancient Reflex, Acupressure, and Hot Stone, Ice and Heat therapy I am well trained to offer you. No powders, no ionized foot soaks, no super-food supplements, no miracle, magical dust. I offer you wonderful, pain relief and pain management, and lots of techniques to take away your pain. Trust me enough to try it once. I'll explain simply how everything works. You'll see how comforting and soothing and healing Reflexology can be.



Theres No Place Like OM!!!   

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Educate Yourself, arm yourself with information before having anything done to your body

I am a Proud Supporter of the GLBT Community









I welcome you. My mastery lies in the combined knowledge and years of training in the Holistic Health and Healing Arts and Sciences.

I have been studying, practicing, and teaching in the Arts for more than 20 years. I have the most possible respect for all of the Arts and their teachings. All are respected here.  

I thank you for your interest . I am pleased to share my knowledge with you. To all who seek knowledge, enlightenment, and wisdom, I offer only what I have learned and wish only to share and receive. Your input good or bad is welcome. I have a passion for the debate.

I believe in order for one to know ones self one must always question, analyze and seek truth. I also believe everyones truth is individual. In short; there is no one set truth. I live my life by this creed.

Every person has their own path. My truth is not your truth. Your truth is not mine. Just as I cannot walk your is not for me. You cannot walk mine.

One of my very favorite Quotes: 

" One cannot be liberated by another. One can only liberate oneself." ~dahlai lama~

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